Spartan Scoop Moving Forwards: Time to Be Real
Time to be real for a minute. This is not a news article in the strictest sense. This is an article about Spartan Scoop moving forwards.
So You Think You Have covid-19 (Testing, Symptoms, Precautions)
Many people are getting sick this season. It's flu cold and allergy season; not everyone who is getting sick is getting the novel corona virus. How do you tell the …
All Missoula County Public Schools Will Remain Closed Through The End of The 2019-2020 School Year
All MCPS schools are remaining closed until the end of this school year. There will still be key issues which need to be considered whenever MCPS schools decide to reopen, …
What does Missoula reopening mean? How to be safe as we reopen.
Bullock has joined the movement to "safely reopen America", but the CDC says America still needs to stay closed. Navigating this situation is difficult at best, and dangerous at worst.
Covid-19: Not Just “A Bad Flu”
The CDC has just released their March summary for the pandemic of covid-19, and with it, significant concern for what earlier this year was considered just another flu.


Diagnosis: Same As It Never Was, Reviewed
Diagnosis: Same As It Never Was By Miller, Michael Craig Article Review By: Wisteria Liberty A diagnosis is a label …
Economic Bubbles and Conditions
An article highlighting my views on economics in the U.S. The Housing Bubble I believe the housing bubble is attributed …


My Take on “Wet Dreamz”
This song so uniquely expresses the teenage experience with the lyricism by an artist loved across the globe.
I Miss The Old Kanye
The pure artistic talent that was cultivated and put into each song and each album with love was a defining …
My Cafe Rio Taco Tuesday Cinco de Mayo Shift
This year Cinco De Mayo fell on a tuesday. At Cafe Rio, we live for the rush of Taco Tuesdays …

student spotlight

My Cafe Rio Taco Tuesday Cinco de Mayo Shift
This year Cinco De Mayo fell on a tuesday. At Cafe Rio, we live for the rush of Taco Tuesdays …
How Students are Spending Their Isolation
Everyone in the world is stuck in their houses doing whatever they want to do. I'm here to let you …
Sentinel UM Jazz Festival
The Sentinel Jazz Band went off to the University of Montana to play at the Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival in …


Sentinel Track and Field Orientation
Yesterday marked the first day of the 2020 track and field season for the Spartans. The weather was alright not …
Reasons why the Griz is better than the Bobcats
By Karleigh Noland The two of the Montana colleges, The University of Montana and Montana State University, have been rivals …
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