The Spirit of Sentinel: Homecoming Week in Review

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The 2019 homecoming week at Sentinel High School was one heck of a ride. No matter what school you come from, you could almost feel the spirit emanating from all four of our amazing Sentinel classes. From freshmen just getting used to high school to the hardened veterans of the senior class, everyone had amazing school spirit! Let’s  recap the week from the beginning.

Starting with Sunday, hall decorating was the thing to do as crews came to Sentinel and helped brighten up the halls with banners supporting their class and other amazing decorations. The homecoming week was already destined to be a huge hit!

Sentinel freshman posing for a photo wearing all white

On Monday, Color Day was the trend and what a great way to start off the week. Freshmen came in with the white, sophomores with green, juniors in the black, and finally seniors repping pink. That same day there was the Powderpuff football at Stegner, followed by the bonfire in the Stegner parking lot. 

Tuesday brought the patriotic side out of all of us as it was USA Day. People were really rocking the red, white, and blue. That night was an intense volleyball matchup against crosstown rivals Hellgate. No slowing down in sight for Sentinel!

Wednesday was wicked with Duo Day. Whether you were a group of friends, a cute couple, or just two peeps with a great idea, Duo Day is for you. The duos were not only amazing, but also iconic. And don’t forget about the fun and intense dodgeball game that Wednesday night. All groups came out looking to take the title home.

From the fresh 50’s to the eccentric 80’s, Decades Day was Thursday’s homecoming hit. Freshman and sophomores came out in 50’s/60’s garb, juniors were in a 70’s groove, and the seniors had the 80’s on lock. This day also included an amazing pep assembly, featuring your homecoming royalty, a dance by the senior guys, and a volleyball game for the ages. And this day didn’t end at three as soccer at Helena occurred for the girls and boys teams. But that is not all, as volleyball came a-knocking with a battle of their own. Students had to come out in their best tie dye gear that night to rep our Lady Spartans!

And to finish a jam-packed week of fun, Friday was Purple and Gold Day. It seemed like everyone was bringing Spartan pride to the final day of homecoming. The homecoming football game against Big Sky would be a game to remember as we take home the win. After the game, students could stop by the Auxiliary Gym and have a blast at the Homecoming Dance. With lots of fun and crazy cool outfits, this homecoming week would end on a high note.

No matter what grade you are, no matter what department you work for, the 2019-2020 homecoming week festivities were more than spectacular. For the freshmen, this will be their first of many. For the seniors, this will be their last. Spartans will walk with pride and courage down their hallways, knowing who has the best spirit. And if you ask any Sentinel student who had the best homecoming week, you will always get the right answer.

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