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Photo of Kiera Cass holding the book, Selection

Selection Series 

by Kiera Cass

“Will America, the main character, leave the selection to marry her true love,  or will she fall madly in love with the prince? Even then, will he pick her?”

– Janis Jones

The Selection series by Kiera Cass is a fascinating series about an author’s view of an alternate future for America. It is a Fiction romance about a selection for an heir of the throne. You see, there is a competition to be the spouse to the uprising leader. The main character, America, signs up for the selection. She goes through different feelings for so many people. Will she leave the selection to go and married her true love, or will she fall madly in love with the prince? Even then will he pick her? Will she be chosen or sent back home? 

This book takes us through a rollercoaster, as you can see the view of a young stubborn girl. You get to relate and connect with every character. I think this book was so well written you see how a character can evolve and change throughout a story. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes romance and dramas. If I would rate this from a 1 to 5, I rate this a 5. I almost wish the book would never end. It drew me in and I could read for hours. It is as if I jumped into another universe and I wish I could never leave. There are so many fascinating factors that are put into this book. 

Not only is this an amazing book but you can also use this as a red dot book. It is the perfect reading level that is not too hard but also interesting. Another way that you can tell that these books are well liked is that even after the series was over the author Kiera Cass came back and wrote a book about all of the side stories.You get to learn about all of the characters. The Selection Series was so well written and I think that anyone can like this book. 

-Janis Jones

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