Voices of Our Student Government

by Elaine Payne

Not all student voices can be heard by schools and administration; that is why Sentinels Student government is super important to our school community. The members of this organization all want to help make a positive change or impact to our school. Everyone on this team has their own viewpoints, but they can also all come together to make our lives at school better. My Q&A with senior student body president Aisley Allen and freshman vice president Caidence Baker were very eye opening and shed light on why we should all support the work of Student Government. 

Aisley has been working hard since the election, stating, “We’ve implemented a few new things such as weekly flyers posted around the school and a new parking lot clean up. In addition to that we want to continue the traditions that have historically been successful and overall making our school a fun place to be in!” 

Caidence also has some awesome ideas for changes, such as “…planning on doing anything I can in any little way I can to help out everywhere”. He is especially wanting to help out in areas like the cafeteria, new seating areas outside like benches and picnic tables. He also mentioned better quality of desks in the classroom to help students focus more. 

Aisley has been an elected member of Student Government for a very long time and knows what changes are reachable compared to Caidence, who is only just beginning his first year of service. However, Caidence plans on playing a vital role in Student Government all throughout his high school career.

When asked what they think is the best quality of this school, both Aisley and Caidence answered its teachers who push students to do better and focus more on work. 

Sentinel would be so different without our student gov members. Students are very important, and we can all agree that staff and faculty want students to enjoy coming to school. Student Government helps Sentinel Administration and staff see through the eyes of students and they are better able to understand student opinions and ideas for Sentinel in the future.

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