Reasons why the Griz is better than the Bobcats

By Karleigh Noland

The two of the Montana colleges, The University of Montana and Montana State University, have been rivals for as long as anyone can remember. With their upcoming Griz vs Cat game, also known as the brawl of the wild, fans all over, are getting fired up about the two teams playing each other and wondering who is going to win. There are a few reasons why people are getting ready for this game specifically. One main reason is the Great Divide Trophy. The Bobcats are currently in possession of the Great Divide Trophy which belongs to the team, the griz or bobcats, who wins the game against their rival. The bobcats have had it for three years and are not ready to give it up. At the end of the 21st century, the team who has possessed the trophy the most will get to keep it forever. So this is a motive for both teams to work as hard as they can and play the best game against each other. But the bobcats have not been doing as good as the Grizzlies have this season. This makes Griz fans have hope that we will get that trophy back and keep it in our possession for as long as humans live. If you’re wondering who is gonna take this trophy and lead their school to football championships, don’t worry. I will answer all your questions. Clearly, the Griz will take this victory. And I’m not just saying this because I am a Griz fan, but because of how the two

The Great Divide Trophy
The Great Divide Trophy

teams have been doing this season. By the looks of it, the Griz may be the better team. They have a better shot at winning the Griz Cat game. The Grizzlies have just been a really great team this year and they know how to work well with each other. This is not the only reason why the Griz will win. There are many more. And all the reasons I’m about to say, will guarantee to get you to join the Griz side of things. 

Reasons why the Griz are better and will win:

  1. The Grizzlies have won more games than the Bobcats (only one more, but my point still stands).
  2. Wide Receiver Jerry Louie McGee is faster than anyone on the bobcats team. His nickname is Mr. Electricity because of how fast he can run. He also has the school record for the most receptions and is on his way to the most punt returns.
  3. The Grizzlies are ranked higher on the FCS, Football Championship SUbdivision, coaches poll than the bobcats. The Griz are 3rd and the Bobcats are 8th.
  4. In 1904, the Grizzlies beat the bobcats 79-0. That is just sad for the bobcats. They didn’t even get a single point. 
  5. In the past, the Grizzlies have won a total of 78 games against the bobcats. The bobcats have won 40 games against the Griz. 
  6. The Grizzlies have won 16 games in a row against the bobcats. 
  7.  One of the linebackers on the Griz team, Dante Olson #33, has won the Buck Buchanan award which is given to the top defensive players in the FCS. 
  8. The Colors for the grizzlies are way better looking than the Bobcats colors. I know this isn’t a very good reason but i’m just stating the truth. 

So, are you a griz fan? Or are you still rooting for the bad guys? Whoever you root for, just remember that the Griz will always be open to anyone who wants to

switch sides. As mentioned earlier, the Griz will win the Griz-Cat game and take back the Great Divide Trophy and return to dominance. As for the Bobcats, they will probably cry all the way home and continue to get lower on the FCS coaches poll. Tune in Saturday, November 23rd at 12:00 pm to watch the Griz win. And you Bobcat fans out there, I’m sorry you chose the enemy. 

Brawl of the wild photo of the bobcatsa and griz
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