Why Am I Single? Advice and Relationships

 By: Nyltaik Sivad

If you’re single out there, it’s okay. You’re definitely not the only one. And if you’re taken…I’m so so sorry.  I mean, uhhh…congrats! 

I’ve been single, taken, embarrassed, and been on a train ride full of unwanted surprises. All I know is that I’ve found there are stages to being a relationship. 

This is the usual progression:

  1. Single.
  2. Has a “thing” for someone.
  3. Tries to impress that person.
  4. Ends up failing miserably.
  5. Starts back at #2.
  6. Tries not to fail like #3.
  7. Finally gets into a relationship.
  8. Feels like the luckiest person in the world.
  9. Can’t predict how long it will last. 
  10. Suffers through little arguments here and there.
  11. Somebody ends it. 
  12. Starts back at stage one.

It all depends on who you are. Some people have something that kind of looks like this:

  1. Single. 
  2. Still single.
  3. Thinks someone is cute. 
  4. Finally asks them out.
  5. Gets rejected.
  6. Wants to find love.
  7. Is single.
  8. Still single.
  9. Will always be single.
  10. Finally gives up.

Then there’s these people that are a little “loose*”. They only have two stages:

  1. Looks at all the guys in the world.
  2. Scopes out how many can be hooked up with until caught. 

* Best of luck!

Then there is me. 

My stages are lil’’ wonky, but I suppose that’s okay. I’m still single because I have a weird problem of rejecting everyone who comes up to me. But when I say yes they decide they really don’t want something real. I have decided that, for this reason, being single is definitely the best stage out of all of them. 

Wait. You will find you person someday. Not today. But definitely someday. 

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