Who Is Maddox Reimer?

Maddox in a

Maddox Reimer is an amazing young boy. He has the brightest bluest eyes that anyone in the world has ever seen. In his free time Maddox likes to practice his hobbies, which include playing guitar, running, and singing. His passion in life is to become an Olympic runner because he really likes to be the center of attention. This love for being the center attention sometimes tends to get in the way, though. One time he faked a major injury at Snowbowl for the clout and the ladies. After all the ladies gave him the clout he was looking for, he chose to be with Jasmine G. For five months now these two crazy lovebirds have been chillin’ and hangin’.

Until January fifteenth of 2020.

A fateful day.

Everything was good. This day the two were just chilling and driving as they always do, when all of a sudden Maddox crashed his car into another ladies car at full speed, causing the airbags to go off.

While Maddox was driving, Jasmine was doing her makeup; when the cars airbag’s went off, it caused her makeup to smear all over her face. Maddox was stuck; his girlfriend was mad and so was the lady he hit with his car. In this situation Maddox could only think one thing, “D*mn, I’m getting a lot of attention right now.” Later, the Missoula Police Department showed up asking all these questions and Maddox continued to think, “D@mn, I’m getting a lot of attention right now.”

After the incident  was over, Maddox traded his insurance with the lady and he was able to solve one of his two problems. Jasmine was still very angry after he had ruined her makeup. Maddox tried everything he could to make it all better, but his acts of love could never fix how good she looked on that day and how he had ruined it all. Jasmine dumped him for a new man.

His name was Ethan B.. He gets all the attention now and Maddox gets none.

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