The Truth About the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Thermometer

The Coronavirus is a big deal in American news, but what is it really? Thirteen cases have been confirmed in the U.S. as of February 5th. The CDC is scrambling to make an site infection protocol.

How Has the U.S. Been Affected

  • Thirteen cases have been confirmed including seven in California, and a couple in Chicago according to the New York Times.
  • Two cases have been confirmed cases in Wuhan, (Where is Wuhan?)
  • Hundreds of Wuhan citizens have been evacuated to military bases where they are expected to remain for the next few days.

Hospitals currently accepting Coronavirus patients are leaving the containment of the disease up to the dedicated doctors and nursing teams who care for the patient. Most hospitals do not accept patients who suspected to have the coronavirus, but instead send them to military hospitals.

“At the Snohomish Health District, the staff of 113 has poured 1,000 hours into coronavirus control since the patient’s test was sent to the C.D.C. over the Martin Luther King’s Birthday weekend.”

New York Times

How are Outbreaks controlled?

People who are identified on a close contact list will receive two calls from the united states health department. They will take and report their temperature and any cough or fever three times a day for two weeks. Then for a few months after the initial contact, once a week the person will recieve a text from 155388.

155388 (Department Of Health)

“This is the Health District with your daily symptom check for your household,” it read. “Please reply with 1 if you have no symptoms, reply with 2 if someone in your household is ill.”

How do I Know if I Have Coronavirus?

It is pretty easy to determine if you have coronavirus. If you live in Montana and have not been to china in twenty-twenty, you don’t have Coronavirus, but to be through, I will go ahead and list the symptoms here. You should be aware the symptoms are very similar to the flu so if you closely match up here, you should get the flu test first.

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