Sentinel UM Jazz Festival

Maddox Reimer And Nathan Crittenden

The Sentinel Jazz Band went off to the University of Montana to play at the Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival in front of many jazz legends from around the globe. The 2020 Festival Artists will include the talent of Peter Sommer (saxophone), Allison Miller (drum set), Laura Caviani (piano), Nate Kimball (trombone), Chris Finet (bass) and Jim Sisko (trumpet). All three high schools will be performing at the concert but we all know who will shine the brightest.

I caught up with students Maddox Reimer and Nathan Crittenden to see how the festival went on thursday. Maddox said, “The festival was cool. I enjoyed the part where we got to play in front of Chris Finet. That guy is really cool because we both play bass. I almost got the chance to talk to him but I got too nervous and just stared at him from a while away.” Nathan said, “ I thought it was pretty cool seeing all these highschoolers share the same passion. I think as a school we did pretty dang well. If I were to change anything about this festival it would be inviting more special guests because it was really cool playing in front of these really good musicians.” Overall, it seemed to go pretty well and hopefully we will see a new plaque with our names on it.

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