Police Brutality

Police should be able to use body cameras on the job.According to Time Magazine  “video technology is shaping our world, particularly in the context of police oversight”(Wiley). Police should be able to use body cameras on the job for solid evidence for situations when a cop killed someone or someone killed a cop. Or if a cop witnesses a crime and the person tries to plead not guilty there would be evidence. “ The NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), reviews almost 5,000 cases of alleged police misconduct every year” (Wiley). This shows that police officers are also people who can commit crimes and might try to deny it and get the benefit of the doubt just because he’s a police officer mean while the other person could be telling the truth. With a body camera on the police officer , having to decide between who is guilty or not guilty and putting someone’s word against another , would not be an issue.

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