BREAKING NEWS: All Public Schools in Montana Closed Amid COVID-19 Fear

Governor Bullock directed all Montana schools to close to slow the spread of COVID-19 (Corronavirus) and protect the vulnerable populations.


Schools are closed the week after spring break, which includes all school sponsored activities, practices, or club meetings during the week of the closure and the week of spring break.

What does this mean?

“In accordance with Governor Bullock’s set of directives and guidance to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect vulnerable Montanans, including closing of public K-12 schools, social distancing measures and limiting visitation at nursing home facilities, Missoula County Public Schools will remain closed to students until Friday, March 27, 2020 Effective immediately, all sports practices and driver’s education programs are suspended along with all Life Long Learning Center programs and classes.” is the message plastered all over any MCPS school website today.

This school closure also includes any MCPS school sponsored activities planned during the period of the closure or over spring break. The governor also directs all persons living within Montana to attempt to limit exposure by not attending any large gatherings and making sure to wash your hands regularly.

Staying Safe: A Message from the Montana Department Of Health

All of this is information as stated by the Montana Department Of Health (MTDH); this has been paraphrased to make it easier to read, but the information is retained; click here for the source from MTDH.

Be sure to wash your hands often


Avoid close contact with people who have any illnesses, or people who are unsure.


Stay home if you are sick


Cover your coughs and sneezes


Clean AND disinfect all frequently touched surfaces daily.

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