Five Ways to Combat Boredom While Social Distancing

Social distancing can be a very boring affair, but there are still plenty of things you can do while social distancing.

1. Call a friend

Calling a friend (especially video chat) can be a great way to get people to have a human interactions while still social distancing. You can even do tasks or games together while on video chat.

2. Learn a new skill

Kahn Academy is just one great way to learn a new theoretical skill, and is also a great way to keep up on learning while school is closed. They have courses on everything from creative writing to theoretical physics, and teach everything in easy to understand, bite sized, chunks. In addition to that, if you are specifically interested in computer programming, Code Academy is another great resource to learn about computers.

3. Pick up a new hobby

From sewing, to crocheting, to drawing, there are all kinds of new hobbies someone could learn in the time you are stuck at home. There are great resources online for all of these, but especially for drawing you don’t need anything new to start learning.

4. Learn to cook

Learning to cook is another great skill for people who haven’t cooked much before. Everyone needs to eat, and learning to cook is almost inevitable if you are in an area that enters a full quarantine. Again, our good old friend, the internet, can help you do this; Food Network is a great place to find recipes, but you could also just google the ingredients you have and find a recipe. You will almost be guaranteed to find something that suits your needs.

5. “Go To” a concert

Many artists are streaming virtual concerts from their homes, and you can almost certainly find one that suits your music taste. “Going to” a concert can be a fun way to kill a few hours of your day.

6. (Bonus): Read Spartan Scoop

Yes, Spartan Scoop will be keeping up our post schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Some of our content will be focusing on covid-19 and current government recommendations regarding the virus, but other content like this will posted to help you through this time. You can also find other material which can be fun to read.

Now seriously, I know social distancing is not fun, but we need to #flattenthecurve. Even if you aren’t someone who would get sick from covid-19, you will end up taking up a bed in a hospital somewhere, and may even get someone else sick who could be seriously, or even fatally, effected by covid-19. Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to completely quarantine yourself, but it does mean avoiding large groups. Have one or two friends you can hang out with regularly, and try to limit contact to, essential trips or virtual calls / texts. Stay safe, this, as all things do, shall pass.

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