5 covid-19 Myths busted

Why is this article a thing? Because there is a lot of bad information floating around the internet, and we here at Spartan Scoop want to set everyone straight.

Myth 1: Hand sanitizer has an essential role to play in keeping you safe from covid-19.

No. Hand sanitizer often fails to kill viruses even when its antibacterial. In reality you need to wash your hands very often, avoid touching your face whenever possible, and try to stay away from large groups.

Myth 2: Shelter in place order means do not leave your house.

A shelter in place order really seems like it is telling you never to leave your house, but It really doesn’t apply to a person as much as we like to think it does. Mostly this is just a more advanced social distending request endorsed so businesses do not force their employees to come to work. It does also revoke the rule that you should have one or two friends to hang out with, but other than that you can still leave your house.

Myth 3: Covid-19 only affects the elderly.

Although most people who develop covid-19 only have mild symptoms, the WHO (World Health Organization) reports that over 14% of cases require hospitalization, and 5% end up in the ICU. While the elderly and immunocompromised are at a higher risk of developing complications, young people aren’t entirely safe.

Myth 4: There is nothing we can do until a vaccine is developed.

Doctor Tedros of the WHO said “It’s something to strive for, but I don’t think there is a certainty that will end the epidemic.” While a vaccine could end the epidemic, it might not; and if we take care now, we might end it before the vaccine ever comes to market.

Myth 5: The government and scientists are hiding information.

This is a tricky one, as there is information released to the press that they aren’t allowed to publish until a certain date. The government and scientists are sharing unprecedented amounts of data and resources to fight covid-19. Embargoes do exist on information being released by both the WHO and the CDC, but these embargoes are there to combat outdated information. Healthcare professionals are sharing information so fast that sometimes it becomes outdated mere hours after it is shared with the press. The purpose of the Embargo is to make sure less of the data the press is publishing is already outdated at time of publish. Once it is current for two days then it can be published.

If you really want the most current information, join the WHO press mailing list and attend their press conferences. Be sure to obey the embargoes and remember that some of the information is becoming outdated as it leaves their mouths.

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