Covid-19: Not Just “A Bad Flu”

Fighting COVID-19 is our joint responsibility. Protect yourself and others.

In January of 2020, most medical professionals considered covid-19 as a bad flu, and Dr. Tedros of the WHO (World Health Organization) stated in his 1.22.20 brief that “covid-19 can be equated to a sever case of the flu.” But it’s not just that anymore.

First I’d like to start by apologizing for the late time of this post. We wanted to wait for the CDC’s March summary of covid-19 to give more accurate information; which wasn’t released to the public until 5:00 PM MST.

The CDC has just released their March summary for the pandemic of covid-19, and with it, there became a significant concern for what earlier this year was considered “just another flu“. As of April 15, covid-19 is a global pandemic, with more than two million people infected worldwide. It has more than a 65% infectivity rate, and a 6.9% mortality rate among US citizens. This makes it much more than just another flu.

Dr. Tedros, of the WHO, has recanted his statement that covid-19 is just a bad flu and has been pressuring people and communities to take affirmative action against covid-19. He has said that in the past we have taken a very reactive approach to fighting this disease, and if we are going to regain control over covid-19; we need to start taking a proactive position in the fight against covid-19.

Domestic hospitals in the United States have been sent into a state similar to battlefield medicine over seas; this used a reverse triage system where the less sick patients who are still taking up a hospital bed are treated first and more sick patients are forced to wait. This is something we haven’t seen in the US since the SARS outbreak.

Low risk isn’t no risk

Right now amongst high-schoolers, it is cool not to care, because covid-19 won’t affect us anyway. Anyone can get infected and spread the disease to others. Some young, healthy, persons become seriously sick, and other still have died. Low risk isn’t no risk, and we all need to fight covid-19 together.

Low risk isn't no risk.
Even if you are less than 60 years old and do not have an underlying health condition, you can still become sick with covid-19.

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