How Students are Spending Their Isolation

Everyone in the world is stuck in their houses doing whatever they want to do. I’m here to let you know what those people are actually doing behind closed doors.

It seems to me that many of the students are enjoying this time off school because it feels as if we’re on summer break. I for sure have been enjoying this time because it really lets me do my homework whenever I want during the week. 

Jackson Flint Sentinel High School 

I’ve been on a gaming grind. Each and everyday I am playing video games. I’ve been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege. I have been playing ranked in bothe Rainbow and League. At the moment I’m platinum two in rainbow and platinum three in League. Basically me and my friends have been gaming all day everyday just killing time till we find something else to do.

Thomas Huntsinger Sentinel High School

I haven’t really found this whole situation to be troubling. I’m really enjoying hiking at Blue Mountain. When I’m hiking no one is able to bother me so it becomes really peaceful for me. I’ve also been watching All American on Netflix. What else am I supposed to do besides binge watching these shows on Netflix. The last thing I have been doing is playing video games. It’s nice to be able to connect with your friends besides texting and all that.

William Cockrell Sentinel High School

I like this quarantine thing. It’s been a blessing for all people that build clocks just like me. This isolation stops me from showing people my work, so I’ve started to post my stuff on social media sites such as, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. It’s been pretty good; it seems like many people either think I’m trolling or I’m for real and I’m for real. My father showed me how to make clocks with him when I was ten and ever since then I’ve been working on clocks as a passion of mine. Hopefully we get to come back to school at least one day so I can show everyone this one clock I’ve been working on. I won’t share too much about it but let me say, It’s going to be looking spectacular.

Some students are finding this whole situation to be very troubling. The normal life these people used to live is totally flipped upside down due to the precautions we are taking to stop the spread of the virus. 

Jasmine Bautista Bigsky High School

This quarantine is killing me. What I’ve been doing lately is watching Netflix and working. I work at The Village so it’s really nice only working with old people but it gets scary at times because we don’t want to have an outbreak here or everything could fall to shambles. My favorite show on Netflix is On My Block because there’s always a new twist in the show. My favorite character is Jamal because he’s there to help the flow of comedy in the show. Everything he does makes the show way better. The only thing that I’ve been enjoying during this quarantine is all the baking I’ve done. My favorite treat I made was these strawberry cheesecake bites. So yeah that’s what I’ve been doing during this quarantine. 

Jasmine Grant Sentinel High School

I enjoy and despise this quarantine lifestyle. It’s given me some pretty awesome freedom because with all this time I’ve really gotten into rollerblading. Each day I live on this Earth I make sure that I rollerblade so I don’t forget the skills that I’ve learned. My favorite place to rollerblade is the park by my house cause then I get to sit there and draw and listen to music. The part that sucks is the part where they force me to sit inside. The government can’t control me. I am my own person and I need to rollerblade. My mom limits my rollerblading to once a day because of this whole stay inside thing. Another part I hate about this is that most of the places I want to go to are closed. I really enjoy shopping at the thrift store looking for these hot fits that I got on everyday but I can’t impress anyone because its all closed and that makes me feel devastated. 

Ethan Brooks Hellgate High School

I hate this quarantine. There’s nothing to do but play video games and listen to music. My friend and bandmate Maddox Reimer can’t even play with me because of this whole isolation situation. I’d kill to be practicing with him right now because we just have to keep grinding. The only good things that have come out of this situation is no school and all this time to listen to music. One artist that i’ve found to be really good is Boards of Canada. Their best album in my opinion is Twoism.

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