Video Games& Mental Health

 How Video Games Affect Mental Health

In the recent decade video games have become a very popular source of entertainment. This hobby has recently become concerning due to compulsive use. It has been stated that three percent of gamers qualify for a mental health condition known as compulsive video gaming. Not only can constant gaming compromise one’s ability to perform well in school or work, it also can interfere with how one socializes. As a future health professional, I believe presenting and addressing this issue extensively to my local communities is the first step to solving this issue. 

In this decade its common for adolescents to have technology integrated into their lives. Although this technological era is new, it is rapidly growing, and so are the effects. One form of technology focused on is video gaming. Many individuals question how a virtual addiction affects their everyday lives. Playing video games on a regular basis can cause one to ignore reality. 

This distraction can be very harmful, but with the right awareness it can be prevented. One thing I would do to address this issue in my local community and school is assemble a presentation on the negative and positive attributes of having a video gaming addiction. To help one visualize this concept, I would create a relatable scenario about a gaming addict. This particular storyline would take the ethos route, containing the perfect amount of emotions and realistic events. This tactic makes sure that the person reading this given story will take these effects to heart, which ultimately develops an understanding of video gaming addiction.  

There are various ways this problem can be perceived and addressed. Diverse solutions will only benefit the percentage of awareness. A beneficial tactic for adolescents would be to create a clip that addresses video game abuse. Since children have such a small attention span, this film will need to be short and to the point. This film would start as a comedy to grasp their attention, then it would quickly switch to the sad reality of the effects of this addiction. This film should be shown to elementary children, because that is where this particular addiction begins. 

Majority of individuals struggle with mental health issues.  Developing awareness for mental health initiates the structure needed to solve these issues. As a human being, I strongly believe one’s mental health is very important. The World Health Organization has moved to qualify video gaming abuse as a mental health condition.  Video games abuse is a rare condition, but the effects can be extremely harmful to one’s social, school and work life.

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