School Soon Rant

There’s been some talk about school coming back and I’m not a very big fan of that. I truly enjoy not having to wake up early and going to school for seven hours five days a week when I can sit at home and just do all the work in one day. I know plenty of kids that enjoy their alone time. My friend Maddox Remier is enjoying this alone time. He used to tell me and my friend Ethan Brooks that he had to go home at five everyday but now he just tells us that his parents won’t let him hang with us cause they are afraid he’ll catch the corona virus. It seems to us that Maddox is starting to break though, Just today he finally asked to hang with us soon but you know we had to shut that down. Ethan and I have been hella bored and as soon as we hangout Maddox has to ask if we tryna hang. Naw, you lied. Shakin’ my head Maddox. Maybe we’ll hang out during lunch when we have to go back to school. What’s even the point of going back? Everything is so confusing right now. All these teachers are going to have to figure out where each student is at and what they actually understand. I say just keep it going, startoves next year. This is just my opinion.

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