So You Think You Have covid-19 (Testing, Symptoms, Precautions)

Many people are getting sick this season. It’s flu cold and allergy season; not everyone who is getting sick is getting the novel corona virus. How do you tell the difference? Telling the difference between the novel corona virus and a cold is easy, but flu is harder.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of the novel corona virus are very similar to flu symptoms, but there are some key differences. This common symptoms chart explains the differences between symptoms of the common diseases people are getting this time of year, along with seasonal allergies.

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Some of the biggest nos are sneezing, congestion, and watery or red eyes. It is, however, worth noting that just because you have these symptoms DOES NOT mean you do not have covid-19. It simply decreases your likelihood of having covid-19.

How do I get tested?

Getting tested can be both a difficult decision, and a very easy thing. Missoula has quite a few different field testing sites. Including places like the Southgate mall and the Missoula Fairgrounds. All of these testing sites are by appointment only, and to check your symptoms with a professional please call (406)-258-4636 . This will allow you to get more covid-19 info, and if you decide to get tested, they will schedule a time for you at your nearest testing site.

When getting tested make sure to follow all instructions given by organizers and medical professionals. You should also wear one of your homemade masks when you are going to the testing site. This will help you protect our healthcare workers, and in many testing sites, it is required.

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