Fight covid-19 From your Couch

The Fold at Home Project is dedicated to lending computing power from people’s home computers to help scientists with protein folding projects. The project has been renamed Fold for covid; all fold at home resources will now be given to find a cure and vaccine for covid-19.

How Does Fold for covid Work?

Fold for covid works by using your spare computing resources to work on protein folding tasks. Tasks are usually hundreds of simple math problems issued by a central server which your computer then solves and sends back to the central server. The solutions are then sent to more powerful computers to be combined. Then, eventually once the solutions have been worked on enough, Fold for covid will have a finished protein ready to be combined by a supercomputer into a simulation for what a specific combination of proteins will do for fighting covid-19.

The client is a program you download from the internet, and run on your local machine. You can define specific parameters such as, when and how much the program can use your computer. For example, I allow Fold for covid to use 100% of my computer, but only when idle (meaning when I’m not using it). This means It has the most power I can offer, but it will never make my computer feel slow while I’m trying to use it. You can also set it to only use spare computing power, which will slow down your loading times, but once a program is opened, it will have as much power as it needs to run smoothly.

How to I sign up?

So you know how Fold for covid works, and you want to start folding. The next part will be instructions for installing and some recommended settings for Windows and OSX (Mac) if you are running some form of linux, HERE is the Linux installation documentation from Fold for covid.


For windows you need to start by downloading your respective client.

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