My Cafe Rio Taco Tuesday Cinco de Mayo Shift

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This year Cinco De Mayo fell on a tuesday. At Cafe Rio, we live for the rush of Taco Tuesdays but I don’t think any of us were ready for what was about to come. My shift started at four thirty and before even going to work I knew it was gonna be a bad day. I rolled into the parking lot which was already filled with cars and that wasn’t even the rush. As I’m clocking in for work my manager rushes out to our patio to tell some homeless people to get out after we learned that they were taking a piss on our patio. From that point on everyone in the store knew we were going to have a terrible day. My shift started kinda slow and I was fine with that, but around an hour in we got hit with so many orders. Now we offer DoorDash, GrubHub and Postmates which no one likes because they all make annoying noises and they take super long to put in our system manually. So, in the heat of getting all of these online orders we were also getting so many Doordash orders (no one even uses Postmates or Grubhub). It was just more work for us because then these Doordash orders don’t have a car descri[ption so we don’t know who to run the orders out too. Like two hours in, people just think if they walk up to the patio where we’re running by trying to bring people’s orders out they’ll get their food faster which is totally not the case. If anything, it makes it take longer because now we have to go into their system and look for your order instead of running others out. At one point some guy walked into our store, totally disregarding the employees only sign looking for his food. We told him it’s going to be a bit and he got so mad. You guys have no idea, this guy was yelling and trying to fight us asking for managers names and stuff. After that my shift was a total blur. Basically people just started lining up looking for their orders because it was so busy that we were about an hour and a half behind on orders. At some point during this whole thing some higher up person just started to cancel orders and never told people. So, I got the job of walking around and telling people if we even got their orders after they had already waited for around two hours. People hated me, some wanted Cafe Rio points for the app which I don’t think they got but it’s whatever. I felt bad and all but during the end I just got the mentality of, It is what it is. That really helped because I just stopped caring what all the customers thought of me. In the end we were finishing up orders at ten thirty which was an hour and a half after we closed which is annoying but I understand. We also made 13.3 thousand dollars from four to like eight because we cut off the orders around them. After cleaning and talking with everyone I got home at around eleven. Overall, I was proud of the work that the employees did.

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