Spartan Scoop Moving Forwards: Time to Be Real

Time to be real for a minute. This is not a news article in the strictest sense. This is an article about Spartan Scoop moving forwards.

WARNING: This post is unedited

Who is Spartan Scoop?

For those of you who don’t know, spartan scoop is the official newspaper for sentinel High School. Our staffers mostly take a class at the high school; some of them however are independent writers or editors. We are trying to establish ourselves in the community as a good community news source. After a three year hiatus, the Sentinel Konah has renamed Ourselves to the Spartan Scoop, and we have switched to a fully online publication.

What has happened, and what is coming

Due to the novel corona virus, attending school in person has been interrupted, and we have moved to an online schooling model. This wasn’t a significant problem for the newspaper, but due to this, the school year has also been cut short. Officially the newspaper has ended for this year, and will return to full operation bigger and better than ever at the start of next school year. I still intend to continue posting covid-19 updates at least once per week, but it is likely that a Friday week summary is all that will be posted each week.

What to expect from next year

This year has been a trial run of the newspaper, and in the end we here at Spartan Scoop learned a lot. Next year we intend to come back bigger and better than ever. This year we started with a staff of five people, and throughout the year we dropped down to just three. Next year we will have a much larger staff, and therefor we’ll be able to post more and higher quality content.

Next year we intend to cover both community issues, and issues specific to sentinel high school. We are looking at the possibility of getting an app started by Q3 of 2021, but we’re not sure if that will be viable.


You can expect at least once per week posting from myself for a week in summary and some breaking updates for major policy changes. Other than that, Spartan Scoop is shutting down for the year. We will be returning in the fall, likely mid September, with bigger and better posts than this year. About a month, the site will be going offline for maintenance and a complete redesign over the summer, and this fall will come back online. I hope to see you all back this fall.
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