Diagnosis: Same As It Never Was, Reviewed

Diagnosis: Same As It Never Was By Miller, Michael Craig

Article Review By: Wisteria Liberty

A diagnosis is a label used by mental-health professionals.The word diagnosis comes from the greek language “to recognize” or to “know.” This idea of understanding and recognizing a disease is a prerequisite to be able to properly treat the disease.   

When diagnostic labels are misapplied it can establish people as deviant and deprive them of rights or heap upon them a burden of shame or stigma. A flaw Miller points out is that diagnostic systems are constrained by the trends of the area.

Miller says not so fast at the end of the second paragraph because he’s trying to make a counter argument. In the previous paragraph he talks about all the research that has been done and what  science and history has taught them about diagnosis. And now they will finally be able to make precise choices and define psychiatric diagnosis. Miller wants the reader to slow down and recognize that there’s a lot more to know and that people should not get ahead of themselves. He wants them to realize that the understanding of a diagnosis is a work in progress. 

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