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Selection cover

Selection Series

by Kiera Cass “Will America, the main character, leave the selection to marry her true love,  or will she fall madly in love with the prince? Even then, will he pick her?”Janis Jones The Selection…

Maddox in a

Who Is Maddox Reimer?

Maddox Reimer is an amazing young boy. He has the brightest bluest eyes that anyone in the world has ever seen. In his free time Maddox likes to practice his hobbies, which include playing guitar,…

Downtown On Lock-Down

Downtown missoula went on lock-down while the police department blitzed the entire downtown and surrounding area. The Missoula police department put the entirety of downtown Missoula on lock-down Wednesday afternoon after an unknown suspect shot…

Cloths on racks

The Truth of U.S. Fashion Companies

By: Jackson Flint Fashion has a long history with humankind. It takes different forms, and its offering covers people of all ages and backgrounds. Since the late 20th century the mainstream trend for fashion development…

castle in the mountains

Why History Matters

By: Jasmine Grant When 12 Years A Slave won Best Picture at the 2014 Oscars it became very apparent that America’s acknowledgement of the detriment slavery had was on the rise as a social norm….

article writer Jasmine Grant

Advice from Me

By: Jasmine Grant Much of the shows I grew up watching didn’t have people that looked like me. Of the ones that did most were explicitly negative. These portrayals have deepened my insecurities just as…

Converse on a shelf

How Hip-Hop Influences Shoes

By: Jackson Flint Through the years people have come up with new styles of dressing which other people then emulate, making it fashion. This happens all over the world as designers and stylists are showcasing…

article writer Jasmine Grant

A Comedic Take On A Comedic Genius

By: Jasmine Grant After weeks of careful observation, it became very clear that Jackson Flint is a very special boy. He especially piqued my interest when we went Black Friday shopping and he spent his…

Headphones and records


By: Tiana Carter BLUE- sad RED-upset, frustrated YELLOW- happy, joyful PURPLE- calm, relaxed GREEN- harmony, peaceful MAGENTA- passionate & daring BLUE LOVE THAT BURNS- FLEETWOOD MACFIX YOU-COLDPLAYAND I LOVE HER- KURT COBAINTHE RAIN SONG- LED…

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