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Economic Bubbles and Conditions

An article highlighting my views on economics in the U.S. The Housing Bubble I believe the housing bubble is attributed to people overvaluing houses and paying more than they are actually worth. The way people…

I Miss The Old Kanye

The pure artistic talent that was cultivated and put into each song and each album with love was a defining trait of music in that era. It was also a defining trait of Kanye’s music during that time.

What You Need to Know About Super Tuesday

What is Super Tuesday? This year, Super Tuesday falls on March, 3rd. It is a day where 14 states and one US territory hold their primaries and caucuses for the upcoming presidential election. In primaries,…

Emotional Support Animals and Their Benefits

What are emotional Support Animals? An emotional support animal (ESA) is an animal that is intended to support people with mental health concerns. A doctor can recommend ESA’s based on their patients emotional needs and…

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