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Attending Protests in the United States

With the black lives matter movement ramping up again in light of recent executive use of force concerns, Protests worldwide are more common than ever. In light of this, Spartan Scoop has reopened to bring…

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Fighting COVID-19 is our joint responsibility. Protect yourself and others.

Covid-19: Not Just “A Bad Flu”

The CDC has just released their March summary for the pandemic of covid-19, and with it, significant concern for what earlier this year was considered just another flu.

What Does it Mean to Flatten The Curve?

#flattenthecurve, we’ve all seen it somewhere. Whether it was on an Instagram hashtag, or in the required reading for all 9-12 graders in MCPS schools, we know it’s out there; but what does it mean?

State is warned that Russia’s meddling is far from over

A briefing in Washington Thursday warned house lawmakers that Russia is planning to interfere in the upcoming presidential election. Some members of the United States intelligence community berated Joseph Maguire, the outgoing director of national…

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