Fight covid-19 From your Couch

The Fold at Home Project is dedicated to lending computing power from people’s home computers to help scientists with protein folding projects. The project has been renamed Fold for covid; all fold at home resources will now be given to find a cure and vaccine for covid-19.

Video Games& Mental Health

 How Video Games Affect Mental Health In the recent decade video games have become a very popular source of entertainment. This hobby has recently become concerning due to compulsive use. It has been stated that…


In greek mythology, Odysseus spent  20 years fighting to come back to  his wife in Ithaka, and penelope waited  20 years for her husband to come back, Waiving off 108 men who thought  he would…

Movies That Mean Something To Me

Moonlight (2016)-  I remember first watching the film in eighth grade and thinking it was boring or lacking something. After a second watch sophomore year of high school I cried myself to sleep with my…

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5 covid-19 Myths busted

Why is this article a thing? Because there is a lot of bad information floating around the internet, and we here at Spartan Scoop want to set everyone straight. Myth 1: Hand sanitizer has an…

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